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Get ready to shake, shake, shake for the Good Friday Appeal! We’ve gone virtual with our popular collection containers so you can fundraise for the kids online.

One of the things that defines the Good Friday Appeal is the thousands of volunteers on fire trucks and at traffic lights, in pubs and clubs and at hundreds of events shaking the Good Friday Appeal tins as people opened their hearts and their wallets to support The Royal Children’s Hospital. 

With the collection tin still at the heart of fundraising for the Appeal, and following the events of 2020, the traditional tin shake has been given a helping hand with the Virtual Tin Shake. 

Find a town, a school, your local CFA or friend to donate to, or create your own tin and help to keep the Good Friday Appeal tins shaking in 2021.


Since 1931, the Good Friday Appeal has raised funds for The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. Over this time, funding has supported projects at the Hospital that have helped it become world leading.

With support from our wonderful community of fundraisers, the Good Friday Appeal can help the Hospital continue to provide world-class care to patients and their families by funding projects in four key areas:

  • State of the art equipment and technology
  • Ground breaking research
  • Education and training for staff development
  • Patient and family centred care programs

Thank you for choosing the Good Friday Appeal. Your fundraising efforts will make a real difference to the lives of children at The Royal Children's Hospital.

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